The internet is full of opinions, and this page is simply my own contribution to that mass.  My purpose here is to provide whatever insight I might have in the workings of the world, to hopefully leave it better than I found it.  We all view the world through a tinted lens, and mine is no different.  I am a white, middle-class, able-bodied, feminist, gender-conforming, bisexual trans* country girl, in addition to an infinite number of other sub-identities that I can’t possibly go into here.  Everything I say is my own perspective on the world, through the lens of all the nuances of my identity which make me a unique human being.

All of us see the world through the lenses we were born with or developed in life.  We all come to where we are through a unique path, and we each have something to contribute.  My experiences make me unique and also the same, as we are all different and yet the same in being different.  I hope the readers of this site will consider that when reading subsequent posts.